The BBC of Rising Sun is dedicated to bringing history to life by playing base ball as it was played in the 19th Century. The original Rising Sun Club was created and organized in 1866. The gentlemen of the town of Rising Sun Maryland learned of the game of base ball (yes it was two words) from travelers passing through from New York and Baltimore and from soldiers returning home from the Civil War. The firs Documented match of the Rising Sun Club took place in Rising Sun and the home town club bested the challengers from the Eureka Club of West Nottingham 78-40. The Rising Sun Club was a stout club and sought out matches against Elkton, North East, Cecil and the various clubs from the region. The Rising Sun Club was successful from inception and continued winning and garnering championships until the final days of the area amateur leagues including the Susquehanna League Champioship multiple times in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Photos courtesy Larry Wilder, Cheryl Mattix, Mitch Lebovic, Dave Warnick and Chaz Uhde