Antsy for the 2016 Season

Greg “Banker” Rodenbaugh and Brian “Tex” Besancon ventured into Philadelphia to attend the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Vintage Base Ball Annual Presidents and Scheduling Meeting.  We learned about several interesting aspects of the 1860’s game and the establishment of the rules.  For instance, the line extending from the center of the plate was added to restrict the striker from running up towards the pitcher and hitting the ball and potentially injuring the pitcher.  If both of the striker’s feet are in front of the line, then the striker is automatically out should he strike the ball.  We also were reminded by Pigtail, co-founder of the Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn (predecessor of the Brooklyn Dodgers), that people watching the game in 1864 were spectators, not cranks; the pitcher was just that, not a hurler; and the game was called by an umpire, not an arbiter.

After the meeting, we completed our schedule for the 2016, adding games on Sunday September 18th in the Navy Yard Festival hosted by the Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia to our otherwise full schedule.

The preliminary schedule for 2016:

2016 Sched


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